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Connect your PrestaShop store

Automatically sync products and orders between your PrestaShop store and Modern Metier.



You must have enabled the webservice feature on PrestaShop.


Enable the webservice

By default, the webservice feature is disabled on PrestaShop and needs to be switched on before the first use.


Via the user interface, go in the PrestaShop back office, open the “Web service” page under the “Advanced Parameters” menu, and then choose “Yes” for the “Enable PrestaShop Webservice”. option.


Connect your PrestaShop store


Create access keys

To create a key for your Modern Metier integration:

1. From your PrestaShop dashboard, click on Advanced Settings > Web Service.


2. Click ‘Produce’ to generate a key and add a description.

Connect your PrestaShop store


3. Check the following permissions:

  • addresses (add, view)
  • carts (add, view)
  • categories (view)
  • combinations (view)
  • countries (view)
  • customers (add, view)
  • images (view)
  • orders (add, view)
  • order_carriers (view)
  • order_states (view)
  • product_option_values (view)
  • product_options (view)
  • products (view)
  • specific_prices (view)
  • states (view)
  • stock_availables (view)
  • tags (view)
  • tax_rules (view)
  • taxes (view)
  • weight_ranges (view).


4. Click ‘Save‘ and copy your Access Key.


Add your PrestaShop access keys to Modern Metier

1. Go to Modern Metier and navigate to your Dashboard > Integration.


2. Add your Store URL. You can find your Store URL In your PrestaShop dashboard by clicking “View my store” and copying the URL in the navigation bar.


Connect your PrestaShop store


3. Paste the new Access Key that you have generated.

4. Click on Submit.


Once you’ve submitted the integration request, you will receive an email confirmation when your e-commerce store has sucessfully been integrated. This process generally takes up to 24 hours.