Photographed by Christophe Coënon

Villa Joséphine

BY mmnk

The story

Located on the Normandy coast, in the resort town of Deauville, the Hotel Villa Gypsy is a place of relaxation, which allows you to enjoy the Normandy countryside while being a stone’s throw from the beach. The owners wanted to expand the hotel and the opportunity arose when the terraced farmhouse facing it was up for sale. The mmnk architecture studio has been responsible for the renovation and expansion of the hotel, striving to preserve its charm and character while shaping a contemporary atmosphere combining comfort, warmth and privacy.


The leitmotif was to work with the existing, to highlight these intrinsic qualities while succeeding in creating a unity between the two buildings. The facades of the two houses are protected, listed as remarkable villas of Deauville and form a privileged setting to welcome the hotel. The architects set out to design a warm atmosphere echoing the vernacular architecture of this territory by working with local materials and craftsmen, while finding architectural responses in line with the climate and the Norman way of life. The materials are simple and natural: limestone on the floor for the common areas, old floors restored to bring warmth to the rooms, paintings with natural pigments that play with light.


The hotel has been designed like a home: a place to welcome the traveler, and offering them a place to stop for a while or slow down. It is a friendly place conducive to discussion, especially thanks to its bar, which can also accommodate people from outside. The house now opens its doors to a large common area which extends into the distance into the new garden. The lounge-café, following on from the entrance, faces south, with light filtering through the large windows overlooking the garden. The traveler takes advantage of it nestled in the alcoves formed by the bow windows.


The adjoining breakfast room, the walls of which are covered with wooden marquetry, offers a more intimate alternative to accommodate a large table. The bedrooms are accessed by the wooden staircase leading to the entrance or from the garden. They are sober, monochrome and warm, they open onto bathrooms in slightly more baroque tones, bringing a touch of originality and depth.

The details

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Project length

9 months

Surface area



900 000€