The story

This renovation by Volta Architecture is situated in the Marais district in Paris. Authentic and rustic building dating from the 18th century. The architectural intervention is complete: restructuring of uses and spaces, removal of existing floors and partitions. This apartment of over 100m² has been redesigned for contemporary accommodation with open-plan spaces. The kitchen opens onto the living room, with the only filter a stone island.


On the same principle, the bathroom and the master bedroom merge, turning around a monumental wall head in marquina marble; headboard on the one hand and bathtub facing on the other. The overall colored chroma is punctuated on a balance between greens and pinks. To soften the whole, a remarkable parquet with slats 30cm wide in bleached pine is laid on the floor. Interior joinery and custom fittings complete this new location.

The details







– Pre design
– Schematic design
– Design development
– Construction documents
– Bidding and negotiation with contractors
– Construction administration

Project length

6-7 months

Surface area




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