Maison S

BY Heros Architecture

This home renovation was an exercise of restraint by Heros Architecture.

The story

The millstone house, located in a residential area of ​​Le Perreux-sur-Marne, France sits in a picturesque setting surrounded by thick vegetation, a testament to the different eras through which it was built and expanded upon. Since the building was in very poor condition, architects Heros Architecture sought to completely transform the home, bringing with it a new identity and modern living standards.


Inside, a part of the old building and the 1970s extension were merged and  the interior walls were removed to create one large living area. On the ground level, two large units composed of wooden battens create a natural entrance, whilst also allowing the rooms to be delineated and to bring greater fluidity to the space. Standing face to face, like two entities in dialogue, the blocks are a design element that anchored the renovation.


The kitchen is a visual continuation of the living room, raised by a simple concrete platform that marks the transition between one area and another. This subtle elevation draws awareness to the compression and expansion of space, and also acts as a way to hide technical elements such as the heated flooring system.


The architects’ touch is restrained, with a radically white background and the installation of minimal, custom-made furniture that echoes the materials found at the house’s entrance.

The details

Project by

Heros Architecture




Le Perreux-sur-Marne,


Project length

1 year

Surface area