Photographed by Anna Positano

Le Titien

BY mmnk

Architecture firm mmnk transform this 1960s apartment into serene space.

The story

In the neighbourhood of La Défense, at the limits of Paris, the architecture firm mmnk renovated a 1960s era apartment into a serene and welcoming space for a young couple.


The apartment had not been touched since it first built, thus, the brief was to transform the apartment into a space that was adapted to the lifestyle of the new owners and reflected their tastes. The architects emphasised the use of noble materials, a fundamental aspect of the agency’s ethos. In the living room, walnut was used to create a sculptural piece of furniture with clean lines. Forming a wooden ribbon around the living room, it acts as a multi-functional piece of furniture, transforming easily from storage to a bench when needed. Warmth and functionality meet in harmony in this piece of furniture.


The natural wood is combined with a soft colour palette composed of different shades of green, creating a soothing backdrop and drawing the eyeline to different areas in the room. With its natural pigments, the paint reacts to the changing light, bringing subtle colour variations throughout the day.


The one-bedroom apartment is arranged around the main living area, namely the living room and kitchen. Following the hallway, we find the bedroom that opens onto a a tidy home office and a bathroom, painted and tiled in the same soothing shades found in the rest of the apartment.

The details

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Project length

4 months

Surface area