Le Moulin

BY Ubalt

Marble, metal and terrazzo make a loud statement in this French loft

The story

Located in the neighbourhood of Montreuil, France, this 110m2 loft apartment is divided into two floors centred around an outdoor patio. For this project, interior designers Nastasia Potel and Mylène Vasse of design firm Ubalt sought to give the apartment a functional core, an anchor point linking the staircase, library and living room.


The key feature of the renovation is a heavy steel staircase, powder-coated in mint-green. Floating on a plinth, the staircase becomes a bench as it extends onto the ground floor, snaked by an impressive marble library. This green axis reflects the light, space and materials throughout the entire apartment. The interior designers imagined the owners using the ground floor area during the day, before retiring to the upper floor in the evenings.


For the kitchen, the interior designers used polished materials to multiply the influx of light into the loft. They also used strategically placed mirrors that reflect the outdoor patio, bringing a slice of the indoors into the loft.

The details

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Project length

6 months

Surface area