Juliet Lamber

BY Anthropie

The story

The apartment is located on the top floor of a beautiful building of character, emblematic of Haussmanian architecture. The geometry of the existing plan naturally defines two distinct zones, day spaces and night spaces, connected by a narrow corridor, the only space not naturally lit. The proposal of the architects, Atelier Bleu Piment and Anthropie is minimal, fair and respectful of the existing, where contemporary architectural gesture coexist with the details and the Haussmanian transversality.


The living spaces are open and decompartmentalized, in order to adapt the plan to the needs and pace of life of the clients. The volumes must be generous and communicate with each other, for the common life of the couple, who appreciates receiving guests in a family and friendly place. From end to end of the main volume, the kitchen shelves and the tailor-made library meet each other. A large revolving door, almost invisible, plays hide and seek, dancing from one side to the other. When it is open, the library becomes an extension of the living room, where guests can come to taste an iced bourbon or smell a good cigar. When the door is closed, the bookcase becomes an office, visually and acoustically isolated.


A long monochrome corridor marks the transition to the most intimate spaces. The volume scales are reduced, secret passages let in the only informed. At the end of the gallery is the future child’s bedroom. Designed as a suite, it allows flexibility of use: guest room, teenager’s room, room to rent. This large room is the result of the merger of an old kitchen and a bedroom. The conservation of the moldings and the park bears the traces of this old division and spatialises the new spaces. The bathroom is materialized by a cubic volume, white on the outside and monochrome on the inside. A microcosm that invites reverie in this space in the colors of his.

The details

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Project length

1 year and 4 months

Surface area



165 000€