Flaine I

BY Volta Architecture

The story

The project takes place in the Cassiopée building in Flaine, Haute Savoie, designed in the 1960s by the emblematic architect of the Bauhaus movement: Marcel Breuer. Since its construction, the Flaine resort has undergone decades of renovation. Some were able to make the fittings and interiors forget the very essence of the architectural principles developed at the time. The intervention presented by Volta Architecture proposes to once again highlight the concrete materiality, present and visible on the high floors. The colors and materials of the project were chosen in line with the intentions of the 60s and 70s, the years of the birth of Flaine. The attention to detail regarding this tribute is also found in the choice of lighting, furniture and fabrics.

The details

Project by

Volta Architecture






Project length

5 months

Surface area



80 000€