Apartment Athanase

A contemporary remodel for a young family in Lyon, France

The story

For the renovation of this apartment in Lyon, France, the young family sought the help of interior designer Constance Berthier of BC Ateliers, to modernise the interiors whilst preserving the charm of the original structure. The interior designer carefully considered the family’s daily habits when drafting the new floor plans. To optimise each living area of this two-bedroom apartment, an open plan was created where the backbone of the project is the entrance and the contemporary kitchen. In terms of the materials, the chosen palette centres around classic materials including parquet, marble, ceramic, copper and velvet. By mixing styles, eras and materials, Berthier managed to avoid delivering a ‘total look’, which allows the home to evolve over time. In both the parent’s and children’s bedroom, Berthier chose wallpaper featuring natural landscapes as a way to transport the space. In the living room, framed drawings by the children add a unique, personal touch.

The details







– Pre design
– Schematic design
– Design development
– Construction documents
– Bidding and negotiation with contractors
– Construction administration

Project length

5 months

Surface area