Photographed by Daniele Rocco

Apartment Andrieux

BY Atelier Boteko

The story

The apartment is located on the second floor of a Haussmannian building. The distribution of rooms respects the standard model of Haussmann habitat: an entrance gallery, a series of adjoining rooms, a long balcony. The kitchen, located at the end of the corridor, set back from the main rooms, is moved close to the living room. A wooden canopy, reflecting the existing French windows, distinguishes the living room from the kitchen. The entrance gallery is treated with a single monochrome color unifying all the walls and ceilings with existing furniture and elements (cast iron radiators, shelves, door handles, etc.). The dark green transforms the entrance and the main corridor into a veritable antechamber and thus creates a closed and intimate universe.

The details

Project by

Atelier Boteko






Project length

6 months

Surface area



116 000€