The story

Renovation of a 62m² apartment in Paris 20th district by Ubalt Architecture, located on the 8th and top floor of a 1970s building. This crossing space offers the particularity of a double view. A maximum of space is dedicated to the kitchen living room, extended by a terrace. A compact dressing room communicates discreetly with the bedrooms and the shower room. The layout highlights the crossing aspect of the plateau: Kitchen, table, bench are located in the north / south axis while the partition facing the view is covered with mirrors accompanied by an iridescent curtain. There is no skyline in this apartment. Walls and ground are linked and merged: by the mirrors, by the choice of full height doors, by a bench extruded from the ground thus accentuating a sensation of floating. Only the long central blue table, a link between the two facades, seems to anchor the apartment to the ground.

The details







– Pre design
– Schematic design
– Design development
– Construction documents
– Bidding and negotiation with contractors
– Construction administration

Project length

4 months

Surface area