Ubalt is the association of two architects, Mylène Vasse and Nastasia Potel, graduates of the School of Architecture of Versailles. After various experiences in large agencies in Paris and abroad, they founded their interior design agency in 2015. Ubalt is specialised in the renovation of apartments, boutiques, restaurants and offices. Trust and continual exchange form the basis of their work. With a great appreciation for scenography, the duo favour a strong, simple and clear concept alongside a confrontation of materials and volumes. Surprise is an essential element of creation, allowing the enhancement and rendering of a space unique.

"We attach a lot of importance to how we feel when we arrive in a place. Our approach can therefore find its source in a material, a form, a partition. We don't have a predefined model, it's quite conceptual. We like to start from almost nothing, unless there is a particularly important constraint, notably spatial, which requires the preparation of a precise plan that will prevail over the rest of the the project." - Mylène Vasse & Nastasia Potel