Studio déjà was founded by Jade Marçais in 2019. After studying at the Camondo School in Paris in two disciplines, design and interior architecture, she deepened her design knowledge at the Belgrano University in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Following from her studies, she was confronted by the scale of architecture and construction in Santiago, Chile, training in agencies specialised in the conservation of heritage buildings. Today she channels her creativity into imagining contemporary stories, focusing on the renovation of apartments, houses, boutiques, restaurants and offices.

"It starts with the context and the intuition that emerges. It could be the potential volume of a space, an orientation, a territory, a cultural practice or the narrative that the client would like to tell in these places. It's the writing of a scenario in close collaboration with the client. A real discussion that I enrich with references, materials, and sketches or collages in order to stimulate the imagination." – Jade Marçais