Architects Marion Mouny and Katia Naouri founded architecture and urban planning studio mmnk in 2018. Based in Paris and Zürich, the agency’s philosophy is ‘architecture de territoire’, a practice that aims to divide its attention equally between the landscape, know-how, materials and the use cases of a project. From restaurant and retail design to residential renovations, the agency strives to apply its values. The partners’ complementary profiles allows them to approach each project with a broad vision, attentive to the different interactions of a space. The result of their tight collaboration is architecture anchored in its territory, composed of simple and poetic forms.

"It's very important for us to discover the site where we are going to work. To go there, to understand what exists... What materials were used? What's the light like? What's the climate? What's the atmosphere? To try to understand the space as much as possible and to bring out all of its qualities. And then, beyond that, beyond the materials is the need to understand how the place fits into its territory, its history, its context. Once this is better understood, we connect this with the uses and desires of our client. That's why every project is different, it's the culmination of a specific place with people who each have their own aspirations, and all of this is brought together by our vision and our ability to respond to their needs." - Marion Mouny & Katia Naouri