Portrait Louis Denavaut

Louis Denavaut


Interior architect and designer Louis Denavaut’s diverse roster of projects includes boutiques, offices and private residences, each informed by an artistic sensibility, non-conformist vision and uninhibited curiosity.

Beginning his career in the world of contemporary art, Denavaut later moved into design and architecture. He retains a strong imprint from this experience that still accompanies him to this day in the conceptualisation of his projects. Graduate of the Ecole Camondo, he learned to turn his multi-disciplinary profile into a strength. Denavaut developed his aesthetic vocabulary during his time there, showing a mastery for projects of different scales and geographical contexts. With retail design experience for luxury cosmetics boutiques across Asia under his belt, Denavaut also experimented in office design, notably as a consultant for Louis Vuitton and the HEC Paris business school, before founding his architecture and design agency in 2018.

Product design plays a very important role in Denavaut’s understanding of space, as he constantly sketches for personal research, as well as for public and private interior projects.

His work is a testament to the constant dialogue between technique and aesthetics, as Denavaut guides his clients towards an unexpected universe, while balancing the priorities. Denavaut identifies himself in the radicalism and efficiency of the Belgian school of architecture, embodied by KGDVS or DVVT, as well as the work of Alvaar Aalto, one of his key references. Denavaut enjoys starting from an ultra-realistic observation, before distorting the initial idea to create something completely new; a method of conceptualising interior design like an artist.

“I really work like a craftsman. The process can be long, and each project is a new test, in the artistic sense of the term.” – Louis Denavaut