Atelier Boteko

Winner 2020 Albums des Jeunes Architectes & Paysagistes (France)

Established in 2012

134 rue des Couronnes, 75020




Based between Paris and Bordeaux, Atelier Boteko was founded by Léa Casteigt and Alessandro Baiguera. Both co-founders are architects and trained respectively at the Bordeaux School of Architecture and the Venice School of Architecture. Casteigt and Baigeura met studying abroad in Porto, Portugal, where they were taught by renowned architects including Álvaro Siza Vieira, Eduardo Souto de Moura and Fernando Távora. They were deeply influenced by the approach of their Portuguese teachers: combining traditional architecture with contemporary methods. Before founding Atelier Boteko in 2012, they worked in several Parisian agencies. Their work ranges from apartment  renovations to residential and commercial real estate projects.


  • Project brief (site visit, review of clients’ needs and goals)
  • Schematic design (concepts, sketches, 3D models, moodboards)
  • Design development (drawings, floor plans, elevations, technical details)
  • Construction documentation (tenders, quotes, proposals for furniture, fittings, custom work)
  • Planning application (building permits)
  • Construction administration (project management, site visits, installations)

"The first thing we do before we commit to any project is to visit the site in order to understand a little bit more about its identity, what we can conserve, what is less interesting, what is remarkable and how to transform the site to bring out its particularity. Then, the idea is to understand the desires of the owners. There is a dialogue with the owners to better understand them, we ask them a lot of questions about their habits; their relationship to daily life, their relationship to cooking, to reading, to light. The idea is to create a tailor-made garment for this person." - Léa Casteigt


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Budget: Undisclosed
Surface area: 180m²
Paris, France