Arthur Billaut Architecture


Based in Paris and Touraine, France, Arthur Billaut Architecture agency has worked on both small and medium-scale projects across the fields of architecture, interior architecture and design. The agency works hand-in-hand with its clients on all phases of the project, from the initial sketch to delivery of the site. The agency counts diverse projects in its portfolio from homes and boutiques to restaurants and commercial real estate located in France, across Europe and the United States.

"Today, it's no longer possible to work without thinking of a solution that is ecologically viable in the long term. It's not necessarily obvious at the beginning but little by little we manage to introduce these considerations to our projects. Contractors and their employees must be able to work in responsible conditions. More and more, we are trying to remove products with a large carbon and toxic footprint from the process and to favour natural and local materials. We also make sure to reuse as much of the deconstruction and construction waste as possible. This is something that my clients are responding to gmore and more." - Arthur Billaut