Established in 2019

13 Place Valencia, 56000




Graduate of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Bretagne, Tôn collaborated with numerous agencies in Paris including Lina Ghotmeh and Nicolas Dorval-Bory before setting up her own architecture studio anthropie in 2019. The studio is built on the belief that the boundaries between architecture, interior architecture and design do not exist. With an interest in architectural projects in its different forms and scales, the studio’s approach is both scientific and poetic. Anthropie is convinced that a project is born from the first encounter: a site visit, a glance, an intuition. Each successful project is the fruition of know-how, a union of trust between the client, the architect and the artisans.


  • Project brief (site visit, review of clients’ needs and goals)
  • Schematic design (concepts, sketches, 3D models, moodboards)
  • Design development (drawings, floor plans, elevations, technical details)
  • Construction documentation (tenders, quotes, proposals for furniture, fittings, custom work)
  • Planning application (building permits)
  • Construction administration (project management, site visits, installations)

"Simplicity is not antinomic to aesthetics and quality. Beauty will find its place in each measured and just gesture, in the detail that elevates an ordinary material, in the intimate narrative between the interior and the exterior, in the integration of the environmental and local environment, in the valorisation and control of the technique." - My-Linh Tôn


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Budget: Undisclosed
Surface area: 55m²
Paris, France


Budget: Undisclosed
Surface a: 200m²
Paris, France


Budget: Undisclosed
Surface area: 200m²
Paris, France